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Saturday, February 20th 2010

6:50 PM

We've Moved Back to Old Blog

We've moved back to our old blog on Blogger/BlogSpot.


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Saturday, April 25th 2009

2:00 AM

Would You Help Us?

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Hi! We're still alive. We've been busy trying to create a new blog on our own URL. That's why we haven't posteded for so long. It's a lot harder than we thought, so, ummm, we were wondering if you would help us?

We wanted the new posts to start in the new year, but...well, do you remember back when this was a new year? So, would you let us know which you would prefer? Should we keep catching up and posting here until we figure out the new blogging platform? OR, do you mind if we keep working on it over there, and then, eventually, catch up blogging? Just let us know what you think - either in the comment section or on our tagboard. Thank you.

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Sunday, December 28th 2008

11:51 PM

Miracle Ending

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After last weekend, the only things in our Eagles way to the football post season was...

  1. Tampa Bay had to lose their game,
  2. Chicago Bears had to lose their game,
  3. and we had to beat the Cowboys.

Since our game was the late game, we knew if the other two conditions happened.

By the time our game started, it was clear what was on the line (besides we hate the Cowboys the most, so have to beat them simply because they are the Cowboys) – the game was called the "Win and In" game, a'cuz whoever won got to continue to the playoffs.

It was a home game, so our score comes second – 47-6.

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Thursday, December 25th 2008

7:32 PM

Merry Christmas!

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Mommy Note: Our camera is digital. While downloading a bunch of photos taken after Christmas, I deleted most of the Christmas photo, thinking that I had already downloaded them. The best I could do was retake what I could, but the decorations are down already. Some of the reproduced pictures include the T. Bear family in after Christmas clothes. You won't be able to tell the difference, but I can. Really quite disappointed, since this is Phil's first Christmas, and the traditional under-the-Christmas-Tree photos are gone. Sorry about that!

Teddy Bears' Note: Ummmmm, we think it was beary selective of Mom. SOME of our pictures are still available, but not all. SOME of the pictures still available must be added to our blog, and we were so hoping she'd lose them. Just remember – Mommy makes these decisions, not us. That is all we're saying about this for now.

First, we want to show What Santa gave Mommy and Daddy compared to what he gave us.


Daddy and Mommy's gift – a 32" gi-mun-go movie theater quality televising, which comes complete with the ability to show Shari and Lambchop. Holey Schmoley! Great gift! AND, we're allowed to watch it, too!

Now, compare that to our gifts!


A spring!


A stool unraveling!


A pretend TV!


An irregular ball with eyes!!!

We were quite upset a'fore Daddy and Mommy s'plained the gifts. Do you know how hard it is to look happy about getting a spring for Christmas? 'course, the spring is a Slinky! The stool is a yo-yo! The pretend TV is an Etch-a-sketch! And the irregular ball (which is Dee and Ding's birthday gift)?! Welll, ummm, it' an irregular ball called a koosh ball. Well, since it has a face on it, it's really called a kooshkin!

Mommy and Daddy need to teach us how to play with all these things. Apparently, they really all are toys, so we did get a good Christmas!

The good news is we did exciteded over some of our other gifts immediately.


Mommy caught us trying to make sure our stocking was hung properly! Last year, our stocking was hung on our handrail leading to upstairs. Much easier to reach! (She just laughed and told us that was the reason she moved it. Should mommies be doing such things to little teddies?)


Here's a close up of our new stocking! He's a stuffed doggy that sings an excellent version of "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!" And, we hope you can understand why we wanted to get to our stocking so quickly! We thought we losteded Phil, our new little brother! Happily, Santa Paws slipped him into the stocking over night. He is our bestest Christmas present ever, of course! (He says that the stocking was quite comfy to sleep in. Now we want to sleep in the stocking, too!)


Here's Phil sitting on another favoritestest Christmas gift – a box of bubble wrap and popping cushions! If you ever wonder why Santa doesn't give you your stuff wrapped up in bubble wrap and popping cushions, it's a'cuz he loves us the mostest! Kehehehehe We like to jump off, really high, from the sofa into this box. It makes great noises, and Mommy is sure we'll need Lysol. Kehehehehehe

(Mommy Note: They're spending a bit of time laughing at their joke, plus making those sounds, causing them to laugh more. This may take a while.)


This is our new, little brother, Phil! He really likes the Santa cap that Santa gave him. We think Mommy might have to make him his own cap, or this one will never leave his head!

Santa and Sandy also gave us a Blu-Ray player, to go with the TV. And, since we’ve never seen an oh-fish-earl blu-ray movie before, they gave us one of the bestest movies ever – Close Encounter of the Third Kind! Phil's never seen it before! (He's never seen most movies before.) We watched it this afternoon. We are mostest impressed how clear our HDTV is, but couldn't tell if Blu-Ray is clearerer.

Dinner was wonderful – turkey, rice stuffing with raisins, baked carrots and raisins, sweet taters and mashed taters, hue-mung-us brussel sprouts, pickled green tomatoes from our garden, and cranberry sauce! AND, the only thing we had to do was pop it in the oven from the freezer! We kept one leftover dinner from Thanksgiving, so the only thing we had to add was the cranberry sauce and pickles, which were made a while ago! We all had a full-fledge holiday, with no work! Good Christmas...ummm, except Mommy didn't lose all the photos. Try not to laugh! Since Mommy made us do this, she gets to s'plain them. (This is so humiliating!)


We found an Real Angel, a Christmas Present, and a Gingerbread Man under our Christmas Tree!


Here's a closer look. Aren't they just so adorable? (I'm hearing, "Mommmmmmmmmmmmmm!") Behind them is the only shot of Santa Paws from this year, along with Axlerod and Pez, who were all staying very still, knowing we have another Gingerbread Man outfit, just in case! I have the cutest stuffed animals in the whole world! Gotta agree when you see these pictures, doncha?

 Merry Christmas,

and God Bless, Everyone!

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Wednesday, December 24th 2008

10:05 PM

The Firstest Christmas Story as told by Phil T. Bear

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Mommy Note: Our camera is digital. While downloading a bunch of photos taken after Christmas, I deleted most of the Christmas photo, thinking that I had already downloaded them. The best I could do was retake what I could, but the the decorations are down already. Some of the reproduced pictures include the T. Bear family in after Christmas clothes. You won't be able to tell the difference, but I can. With that, in lieu of some of the pictures, the Stuffies dictating entries to me are letting me describe the lost pictures. Really quite disappointed, since this is Phil's first Christmas, and the traditional under-the-Christmas-Tree photos are gone. He was also quite excited to see the Nativity Scene as Axlerod and Pez read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible. His nieces and nephews were showing him who was who in the story. Sorry about that!

Hi! I'm Phil, the newest member of the T. Bear Family, and this is my firstest Christmas ever! I'm so new, I'm really a Christmas gift, but I was adoptedted earlier this month, and you simply don't pack family away until Christmas morning.

Now, it's Christmas Eve, (which means the evening before Christmas), so Axlerod and Pez just read us the real Christmas story. My nieces and nephews tookeded me to our natiftee scene to point out everyone in the story, as it was being read. I'm not sure what natiftee means, but Mommy made ours from staineded glass, right before I was born. It's beary well staineded glass, cuz you can't rub off the stain. It's beary colorful, too, and I just really like all the Peoples and animals in it, even though no one has eyes.


We were in the photo, but Mommy losteded the picture, before she uploaded it onto Spaulding's computer. This is what it looks like without us in the picture.

My brand new family has given me the honor of s'plaining the story of the beary firstest Christmas. I hope I tell it right!

The Beary Firstest Christmas

by Phil T. Bear

As you know, God made the universe long, long ago. In that universe, he made earth with water, sky, land, plants, animals, and Peoples . When he made Peoples, he told them how to be good. He made rules that had to be followed, or they'd have to be punished. His punishment was always the same – the rule breaker would be sent away from God, would die, and would spend forever in a beary terrible place called Hell. (I can use that word, if it's not a cuss word!) BUT, God really likes his People, so he made another rule – someone else, who never broke that rule, could take the place of the rule breaker. Good deal, but…seriously? Who would wanna do that?

Anyway, all People broke most, if not all the rules. Good thing God really likes People, a'cuz he knew all along People would break his rules and he would help them! He promiseded the beary firstest People (and first rule breakers), he would send someone to take their punishment, if they but trusted him. (The firstest People thought he meant he would do this soon, but God never said "soon!")

Much, much, much later, when even the great-great-great-great-great grandkids of those firstest People were dead for the beary longest time, God kept his promise, and kept it in a way, that mostest People never thought he would!

That's where the firstest Christmas comes in! God actually sent his son, who is also God, and God is only one God. (Beary confusing, but this really is the truth!) I had some trouble trying to figure out how to s'plain this part, even after everyone s'plaineded it to me. Good thing Mommy found a part of the book (it's called "The Bible") that s'plains it pretty well, and she said I could add it here, so you can understand.

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons. And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, "Abba! Father!"  So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God. Gal 4:4-7 ("Sons" means "sons" and "daughters.")

That's right! God sent his son to earth, born as a baby, to cash in his perfect obedience to the law, in exchange for his People disobedience. That baby is the reason we celebrate Christmas. (No one knows exactly which day he was born, so we just celebrate on December 25th!) Now, how did he do this?

Well, he did have to do it like his prophets said he would throughout all the years between his promise and him doing his promise, so the baby had to be born into a particular family called "The House of David." Now, David was a king, so everyone thought this promised one would also be a king – born in a fancy place with all the stuff People think goes along with being royalty. Of course, David also lived long ago, so his family kept multiplying through the centuries. That means most weren't rich anymore, and they were so many of them, they weren't even beary related to each other anymore. (If you don't understand how that works, check out this link, which explains how far away family can become as generations multiple.)

Two members of David's family, way, way down the line, were a man named Joseph and a woman named Mary. Joseph had already arranged to marry Mary, which was called "betrothed" back then, and is kinda like engaged now, except they weren't going to call off the wedding. Both of these People were still trusting that God would keep his promise some day, but they never thought it would be through them, a'cuz they were poor, and not famous at all!

One of God's messengers, an angel named Gabriel, visited Mary one day. He told her that God loved her and was taking beary good care of her, and she would have a baby. Well, Mary knew she couldn't have a baby without getting married to Joseph first, but the angel told her that God placed his son in her, even before getting married to Joseph. You know that she was trusting God, a'cuz she agreed. Gabriel told her she would be honored above all women, because of this.

Well, you have to admit that she would have had a tough time telling this one to Joseph, so Gabriel went to Joseph and told him the plan, too. He agreed, too.

Now, one thing God does for his People is to make life hard enough that they remember how much they need his help. It might not seem like a good thing, but everyone and everything needs God for everything, so it's always good to remember that! It also makes life a lot easier, when you know God's taking care of you. That time, he arranged to have Julius Caesar come up with this idea to have everyone go back to the place their family was from, so he could find out all the names of the People he ruled and collect taxes from them. It was called a "census." (It also had to be, because God promised this savior would come out of Bethlehem, in Israel, which was also the town for The House of David.)

Mary was close to having her baby, by then, so it must have been a beary uncomfortable trip for her. Add to that, once they got back to Bethlehem, so many People were already there that there was no place to stay. One innkeeper let them stay in his stable. Back then, stables didn't just hold horses, so there were several kinds of animals there.

That's when her baby was born. Joseph cleaned out an animal trough (they called it "a manger"), and then lined it was fresh hay, so the baby had a soft bed. Well, this was God's promise – the one who would save God's People! Not too many People knew it was happening, but heaven sure did, and the angels needed a really good praise fest! They had to glorify God for this wondrous moment, so they came down to earth, and found some shepherds watching their sheep. They told the shepherds what had happened, and where to go to see this newborn Savior! And then, they filled the sky (they can fly!) just to sing and worship God!

At the same time, God placed a particular star in the sky – one he had promised. Some really smart People east of Israel, saw the star, and headed for it, a'cuz they knew what it meant, too! (It would take them a couple of years to get there, but Joseph and Mary settled into Bethlehem, so they would be there still, when these smart people – called "Wise men" or "magi" – arrived giving some cool gifts, but no toys!)

When the shepherds arrived, they bowed down and worshipped this baby, who would save them. (Another word for "Savior" is "Christ," which means "Anointed One," or the one chosen by God.) Mary thought this over, as she watched.

Of course, the story of the Christ, doesn't end there, but it does s'plain what we celebrate on Christmas. We call it "Christmas," because that means "Christ's Mass," which is when Catholics gather to celebrate Jesus' birth. For Protestants, it's a church service, but both groups celebrate Christ's birth on that day.

I'm really looking forward to celebrating it tomorrow! It will be my beary firstest time.

Mommy has helpeded me make this entry, and she thinks I've done a good job s'plaining it. I'm so glad. It's hard to s'plain it. My family took hours s'plaining everything to me, so I can s'plain it to you! So, while you're enjoying Christmas, don't forget why we're enjoying it!

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

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Sunday, December 21st 2008

11:49 PM

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fudge!!!

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The Eagles faced the 'Skins! The Redskins!!! We're in the bestest division of the entire football league, and are tied for last place with the Redskins! (Only four teams in our division.) Come on! Surely we could beat them! At home! We lost 3-10! Arrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!

We tried! We really tried, but our helmets and jerseys escaped and flew to the television again! How could we possibly stop that?! After all, we have no doubt that the Eagles cannot get into the playoffs, now.

(Mommy has been kind. She says it is too close to Christmas to make us write another Theme. She also says we did try beary hard, so she just askes us to keep trying. We love Christmas Season!)

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